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Do you take Stag parties?

Of course, Secrets' is the perfect place to bring your stag party

What is the dress code?

Smart/Smart casual. All we ask is that you do not wear any ripped or faded jeans (as long as your jeans are smart that's fine) and absolutely no hats or trainers.

Are ladies allowed?

We always welcome unaccompanied ladies, as well as mixed parties and couples.

Do you have to be a member?

No membership required.

Do you have to have dances or can you just watch?

You are not obliged to have dances, but the dancers are self-employed and they will encourage you to give them money as a gratuity in return for up-close and Personal Dances or Table Company.

Is there a minimum spend?

No (excludes Champagne Lounges)

Do I have to buy champagne?

There is no champagne commitment, unless you are seated in the Champagne Lounge where there is a champagne or spirit commitment.

Do you offer food?

All Secrets venues can offer a wide variety of good food options including buffets.

What Credit Cards do you take?

We take all major credit cards, including American Express

What is the minimum age?

Over 21's, identification may be required.

Do the Dancers dance on the tables?


Can I tip the Performers on the stage?

Yes - Secrets Money is available in £1 denominations (minimum purchase 5 at any time). You can tip the Performer by putting the Money in her hand or garter, on the floor of the stage or by approaching her when she comes off the stage. Cash may be given, but not coins. (Secrets Money is subject to a 20% surchage)

Opening times and Venue Locations

Please see our opening times and venue locations by clicking here

Who owns Secrets Clubs?

Stephen Less owns Secrets Clubs learn more at http://www.stephenless.co.uk