VIP Lounges

If you are alone, or with guests, Secrets venues offer luxurious Champagne Lounges, each with its own unique style. Just click on the link below for your favourite Secrets club details.

VIP Lounges

Secrets Champagne Lounges are the perfect way to add something special to your evening, with the added bonus of a little more discretion.

You can choose from a selection of stunning performers for your personal one-to-one fully nude dance or, if you wish, for an hour or more, table company which includes as many dances as you like.

Our Champagne Lounges, subtly separated from the rest of the club, provide a more intimate experience whilst you continue to enjoy the ambience and music of the main room.

in The Secret Lounge (Hammersmith)

The Secret Lounge, Hammersmith has two Champagne Lounges. As well as giving the impression that you are in an erotic theatre, with a unique view, the main Champagne Lounge is a raised area, giving you the feeling that you could be one step away from heaven!! For every moment you are there, performers at Hammersmith give you beautiful and elegant continuous pole and stage shows.

The second Champagne Lounge, set slightly back from the main stage, is a much more intimate experience. Why not come and check them both out, experience what it feels to be treated like a real VIP.

in City Secrets Grays Inn (Holborn)

The City Secrets Grays Inn (Holborn) Champagne Lounge, situated towards the rear of the venue, is a cosy and intimate area, tastefully lit with crimson candles enhanced by ornaments and fresh flowers.

There are seven private booths, all giving the perfect setting in which to entertain guests. There is a choice of the finest vintage champagnes or you can simply relax with, and enjoy the company of our beautiful performers.

in Secrets Euston (NOW CLOSED)

It is plush, exclusive, unique and offers:

  • 8 Booths for up to 8 persons per booth
  • Each booth has its own exclusive performer’s pole. 
  • Fabulous music throughout the evening, including South American & Golden Oldies
  • Table company – choose from dozens of stunning table performers
  • Delicious food platters, fresh fruit and chocolates available.
  • Vintage Champagne & fine wines only
  • Exclusive VIP area downstairs – private bookings are available.

The Champagne Lounge is set back, but still enjoys the vibrancy and atmosphere of the main room. This plush secluded area has a private dance floor where you can also choose from a selection of stunning performers to entertain you, whether you wish to have a personal dance, or one hour’s table company which includes as many dances as you wish. The Champagne Lounge offers the perfect option for personal or corporate celebrations as booths are secluded, adding to your privacy.

In Secrets Show Bar (Covent Garden)

The Covent Garden Champagne Lounge is truly luxurious.

There are six booths, each able to seat up to six people, with its own comfortable two seater, high back sofas, low tables. They are subtly separated from the rest of the club.

The mood lighting, along with the DJ’s specially selected sounds, creates a wonderful ambience.

For an extra special experience in the Champagne Lounge we also have our gold corner in our VIP area, which seats up to 8 people and comes with its own private stage and pole.